What is your favourite from Anthon Berg?

We have a large selection of delicious chocolates, so you can always find a piece of chocolate from Anthon Berg when you are in a generous mood. No matter the occasion or the season. Have a look around the chocolate bowl. Perhaps you will find something you have not tasted yet?

Marzipan bar

The marzipan bar from Anthon Berg is an iconic classic whether you enjoy it in the comfort of your couch or on the go. In case you have forgotten why, we encourage you to take a bite of the fine marzipan covered in dark chocolate. Get the large one if you want more – or the small ones if you feel like sharing.

Gift boxes

Sometimes it pays off to be square. Especially if you are craving for a bit of everything. The gift boxes from Anthon Berg are the definition of generosity. Every box is filled with premium taste sensations in the shape of delicious pralines with fillings such as marzipan, nougat, soft caramel and coconut.

Sweet Moments

Chocolates made especially for the sweet moments. Unravel one of the individually wrapped, colourful sachets and bite into a world of delicious taste sensations. Choose between different flavours, from caramel with sea salt to the finest Gianduja nougat with passion fruit. Find your favourite and see how long a collection of Sweet Moments lasts at your place.

Fruit in Marzipan

Exquisite fruit marmalade with marzipan and the finest of liqueurs. Such as the classic Plum in Madeira. New flavours such as blueberry in vodka are inspired by the Nordic superfruit trend. Everything is covered in delicious dark chocolate. Goes perfectly well with the coffee, as dessert or as a gift for someone who has been extra sweet.


A new way to serve the well-known Anthon Berg quality. The round balls of chocolate are filled with different kinds of yummy such as sweet and salt liquorice, raspberry, chilli and mint. Easy to open and pass around.

Chocolate Sticks

Do you want the taste to last longer? Then try our Chocolate Sticks that are available in various flavours for both the sweet and the salty tooth. Each stick is divided into seven delicious mouthfuls. Put a couple in your bag. You never know when you will crave for something sweet.

Chocolate Liqueurs

Buy a round out of the ordinary. The assortment comprises a range of famous original liqueur brands from all around the world and comes in many different packaging sizes. You can also find the chocolate liqueur bottles as part of our luxury Gold box. Among other classic and new pralines from the Anthon Berg assortment.


No Easter without Anthon Berg. The classic Anthon Berg bird eggs with marzipan covered in chocolate and sugar in beautiful Easter colours are the definition of cosiness on the Easter table. Beautiful gift boxes and the new tin eggs make sure that you always have the perfect gift for the Easter lunch.


Anthon Berg’s selection of delicious Christmas sweets taste like Christmas was meant to taste, but in a new way. And the packaging is quite a Christmas decoration in itself. Serve them to your guests, give a box to the Christmas host or enjoy a piece yourself when you deserve a little present.