The many tastes of generosity

From tasteful classics to new delicious combinations that you may or may not have tasted yet. The bowl with Anthon Berg chocolates is bigger than you might think. You can always find a favourite, whether you are rewarding your own taste buds or someone who deserves it.

Taste the selection

It all started in the veggie department

Strange but true. Denmark’s perhaps most famous chocolate adventure was started by a greengrocer. Luckily, a successful experiment with the sweet side meant that Anthon Berg switched from carrots to chocolate. As you know, the rest is history and you can read it here.

The sweet story

Generosity has always been important to us. In the early days when chocolate-craving customers were queuing up outside Anthon Berg’s store, he and his staff would handle out samples to sweeten the wait.

Something new for the Easter table

Anthon Berg is the leading provider of sweet moments. This Easter we are introducing two new products: A gift box with delicious marzipan and nougat eggs as well as a large tin egg with almond eggs and bird eggs inside. The large eggs are promoted in a new campaign that rewards generous parents.