Find the right job

Find the right job

More than 100 different job types at Toms

No matter what type of job you are dreaming of, be it office work, production work, apprenticeships or trainee positions, you are always welcome to apply for a job to us with an unsolicited application.

Office worker
Toms employs all types of office workers and many types of unskilled workers. Therefore, you need to be very precise when sending in your unsolicited application. For instance, you can write what type of job you are applying for, such as 'sales', 'office', 'secretary' or 'accounting'. Please use our official forms when applying. The form can be found here.
Remember to attach your CV. Otherwise, we are forced to delete your application.

Wage worker
Toms employs several types of wage labourers from process operators, to coordinators and store employees.
We have special demands to our employees' hygiene and attire. For instance, it is not allowed to wear jewelry and piercings during work and long hair and facial hair must be covered. Furthermore, nails that can be seen from the palm must be cut and strong perfume is not allowed.

Trainee or apprentice
Toms trains new employees for a wide range of administrative duties. We typically require you to hold a HHX-exam and relevant experience is a plus.
We always employ several types of apprentices in our shops. The training and education take place in our factories in Ballerup and Avedøre Holme. Keep up to date on
Every now and then, Toms is looking for promising trainees in areas such as sales, marketing, economy and supply chain management. Typically, we plan and tailor a 1 year-training programme to your qualifications and our needs.

There is no fixed schedule, as to when we hire new employees. You are always welcome to apply. We will retain your application for 6 months.


When we read applications, we notice the ones that are not a part of the pack. Here you can see what we expect from a good application.

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