Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Our culture and employee benefits

We have a lot of fun at Toms, while still working hard to retain our position as a leader. The well-being of our employees is vital to us and we have many employee benefits to sweeten the deal.

Your career is our development
At Toms, career development is a matter of the individual. Our culture is based on dialogue and not complicated HR-systems. And you can look forward to advancement, as soon as your skills and results match the expectations that we agree on.

Great challenges - great support
Our vision is that supervisors and leaders support their co-workers, to ensure that we work as a team in reaching our goals. This is procured through simple tools, strong processes and firm principles. This ensures everyone are aware of the objective and the direction of the company and are free to take the ball and run with it.
Our great cohesion and cosy atmosphere ties us together into one big family. And we are proud of the traditions that we have built up in the course of more than a 100 years.

Employee benefits
A rich work environment is not limited to the pay check. It has to be fun going to work. As a result, we have a range of employee offers that sweeten the day-to-day life and provide the opportunity of a good and healthy life at Toms.

Health care:
We offer a favourable deal on health care. During work hours you can receive free treatment by physiotherapists, chiropractors and get massages. You also have the opportunity to use the almost 60 treatment centres that Falck Healthcare run in Denmark.

DHL-race and sports clubs:
On top of that, we have several sports clubs, run by employees. We are also regular participants in the summer run: the DHL-relay. We run two spinning centres at our factories, one  in Hvidovre and one in Ballerup and we regularly start new sports activities.

Christmas and parties:
Naturally, we also have a Christmas party, where 500 colleagues celebrate another year of great team work, at the end of November.
At Toms, we also celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We do this with a chocolate gift to every employee on their birthday and at every five-year anniversary.

Employee discount on Toms products:
We offer our employees a wide assortment of our products at production cost and they get to sample our new products before they are launched.

Employee benefits:
Toms has many good employee benefit arrangements, where you can buy everything from travels to wall paint.

Pension scheme:
Like many other companies, Toms has agreed to a collective pension scheme, where Toms pay 10% and the employee 6% of the gross income to a pension fund at PFA. A health insurance and coverage for critical illness is also included in the scheme.


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