What do we find important in your application?
When we read applications, we notice the ones that are not a part of the pack. Here you can see what we expect from a good application.

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All applications must be sent through the application module. Please read our advice for applicants below and write a great application.
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Good advice for applications

The application should reflect why you are seeking this job and why you think this job suits you perfectly.

Your application should give us an immediate impression of your personality and how you believe you can contribute to the work place.

When you are writing applications, it is important that you are honest but positive in your argument, to ensure that you are not employed in a position, where you are either over- or under-qualified. We would like to see you enjoy and succeed in the job.
Please draw upon what motivates you and what you like to do. And be concise - it improves the reading experience. Quote: "Always have your application point forward, to allow your passion to shine through and tell us how you can contribute to the company" Stig Vinther, Toms HR.

The CV should give an impression of your previous experience – what types of previous assignments you have been working on, your responsibilities and the results you have achieved in the past.
Give the reader an impression of the role you played in previous jobs, to paint a picture of the challenges you have faced. Remember to make your CV concise, manageable and easy to read.

Examples of setting up the application:

  • Personal information
  • Education
  • Former employment
  • IT-skills and proficiency
  • Language proficiencies
  • Hobbies and interests

"Your CV should point to the past and give us an impression of the person you are, and what you have done previously" Karina Buch, Toms HR.

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