Do you think jellies are just for children? Think again. Toms jellies range from the campy 'Spunk', to Pingvin 'Parisian Rings' and Nellie Dellie's sugar free varieties

Naturally coloured sweet

Jellies are a favourite - especially amongst children and young spirits. The chewy bites are made from scratch with all the flavour and taste that nature allows.


Grab a cap from Pingvin and enjoy the taste of cherry cola and sour lemon with sparkly sour sugar.

Fruit jelly rings

Fruity jelly rings. Open the bag and give yourself a treat with lemon, orange, apple and strawberry flavours.


The Pinguin have returned home with 4 irresistable bags. This one is foam with jelly.

Cool Herring

As a part of the new arctic universe we find cool herrings sweet fruitjelly.


You cant say snow without saying iceberg. Tasty icebergs made from sour fruitjelly.

Poser og blandinger - Vingummi
Poser og blandinger
Pingvin Pingviner
Pingvin Isbjerge
Pingvin Seje Sild
Pingvin Trafiklys
Pingvin Hit Mix
Pingvin Pariserringe
Pingvin Mundoplukkere
Pingvin Kapsler
Pingvin Blanding
Pingvin Stang Mix
Pingvin Surt Show

History of wine gum

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