Sweets without added sugar

Sweets without added sugar

Do you love candy but avoid sugar? Lean back and explore your possibilities to satisfy your cravings without added sugar with sweets, chocolate and marzipan from Ga-Jol and Nellie Dellies.

The sweet flavour without added sugar

There are many ways to get sweet flavours in sweets, chocolate and marzipan without adding sugar. At Toms, we only use natural sweeteners extracted from nature.

Nellie Dellies Sweet Liquorice

Sweet liquorice bites, just for munching. 64 % fibres and delicious raw liquorice. Sweetened with juice from the stevia plant.

Nellie Dellies Salty Liquorice

Crisp salt liquorice full of fibres, not sugar. Sweetened with juice from the stevia plant.

Ga-Jol Pomegranate liquorice

Fresh mouth with the cheeky mix of raw liquorice and pomegranate juice. Sweetened by natural, energy-rich sweeteners.

Bars uden tilsat sukker
Nellie Dellies Chokoladebar Mælk
Nellie Dellies Chokoladebar Mørk
Nellie Dellies Chokoladebar Mørk Crispy Raspberry
Poser uden tilsat sukker
Nellie Dellies Salty liquorice
Nellie Dellies Sweet Liquorice
Nellie Dellies Chewy Liquorice Bites
Nellie Dellies Juicy Winegums
Pastiller uden tilsat sukker
Ga-Jol Polet Lakrids
Ga-Jol Granatæble Lakrids
Ga-Jol Salt Lakrids
Ga-Jol Salmiak Lakrids

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