Are you from Scandinavia - the heartland of marzipan? Then you are probably a big fan of the sweet almond-based delicacy. Our marzipan products are the basis of Anthon Berg's classic and new taste sensations.

Nordic delicacy with a 130 years of experience

The sweet almond paste, marzipan, is a favourite of the North. Anton Berg's marzipan delicacies range from marzipan with chocolate to our pure raw marzipan.

Plum in Madeira

An Anthon Berg icon from the sixties, when Madeira gained ground as a dessert wine and a travel destination amongst the Danes.

Marzipan Bar

The Nordic favourite that Mr. Anthon Berg handed out to waiting customers outside of his exclusive shop was first produced in 1898.

Pure Raw Marzipan

Marzipan has to contain at least 60 % almonds to become pure raw marzipan. An indispensable ingredient for the Danish Christmas.

Rå marcipan
Rå marcipan
Anthon Berg Ren Rå Marcipan
Anthon Berg Blomme i Madeira
Anthon Berg Jordbær i Champagne
Anthon Berg Blåbær i Vodka
Anthon Berg Hindbær i Orange likør
Anthon Berg Kirsebær i Rom
Anthon Berg Abrikos i Brandy
Anthon Berg Marcipan Brød
Anthon Berg Nougat Brød
Anthon Berg Cognac Brød
Anthon Berg Double Dark Nibs
Anthon Berg Whisky Brød
Anthon Berg Mini Marcipan Brød
Dessert poser
Dessert poser
Anthon Berg Sweet Moments Mini Marzipan Bars
Anthon Berg Sweet Moments Fruit in Marzipan
Anthon Berg Sweet Moment Nougat in Marzipan/Orange in Marzipan

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