Do you like sweet, strong or salty liquorice? Then you've come to the right place. Toms products include all of these varieties. From Ga-Jol pastilles, to crunchy Pingvin liquorice and Nellie Dellie's sugar free varieties.

Liquorice is made from extracts of liquorice root

Liquorice has travelled from the medicine cabinet to the candy bowl. The black candy with sweet, salty or salmiac liquorice is made made from the juice of liquorice roots.


A bag of tricks. Pingvin's most popular liquorice rod in a bite-size version.

Spunk Liquorice

Spunk' is named after Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking", who invents the word and goes looking for a 'Spunk'. We've found it.

Blue Jeans

The hard salmiac liquorice was created in the 70's when jeans were the hot new thing.

Pingvin Tokens

A homage to the old trams of Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid motif is the same as on the original tokens of the trams.

Go’e Stænger

Go'e Stænger are the popular soft liquorice rods packed with flavour. They are available as a mix for those who love them all.

Heksehyl Rod

This strong and salty liquorice rod was created in 1990. Today, it is the most popular 'Pingvin' rod.


Ga-Jol Original was launched as a pastille against hoarse throat and coughing in 1933 under the slogan 'The Danish weather is Ga-Jol weather'.

Ga-Jol Polet Lakrids
Ga-Jol Granatæble Lakrids
Ga-Jol Original
Ga-Jol Salt Lakrids
Ga-Jol Ren Lakrids
Ga-Jol Mint Lakrids
Ga-Jol Salmiak Lakrids
Pingvin Tommestok
Pingvin Ama'r stang
Pingvin Heksehyl
Pingvin Tivoli/Rababer Stang
Pingvin Truxa
Pingvin Jordbær Stang
Pingvin Kokosdrøm
Pingvin Finsk Lakrids
Pingvin Citrus Stang
Pingvin Go'e stænger Konfekt mix
Pingvin Original Hit
Pingvin Favorit Twist
Pingvin Chocofant
Pingvin Go'e Stænger Klassisk
Pingvin Karamel Kick
Pingvin Frugt Mix
Pingvin Go´e Stænger Lakrits Zap
Poser og blandinger - Lakrids
Poser og blandinger - Lakrids
Pingvin Igloer
Pingvin Blanding
Pingvin Polet
Pingvin Chocofant
Pingvin Tivoli Stang
Pingvin Lakridsknapper
Pingvin Blue Jeans
Pingvin Stang Mix
Pingvin Heksehyl
Pingvin Finsk Lakrids
Pingvin Lakridswire
Pingvin Lakrids Sticks
Pingvin Lakrids Twist
Pingvin Hit Mix
Pingvin Power mix
Pingvin Lækkermixen
Nellie Dellies Salty liquorice
Nellie Dellies Sweet Liquorice
Nellie Dellies Chewy Liquorice Bites

History of liquorice

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