Don't you know what dragées are? Have no fear, we do and we want to share it. See our large assortment of different dragées. Here's everything from Toms Bridge Mix, to easter eggs from Anthon Berg and A XOCO's sofisticated dragées.

French style sugar-coated delicacies

We coat our delicacies in copper drums. We are proud of our craftsmanship, a skill that we have perfected over the course of more than 50 years.

Queen Almonds

Sweet almonds from California, coated in creamy chocolate and finished with a crisp sugar shell. A true classic.

Queen Almonds with liquorice

The classic Queen Almonds meet liquorice. The result is surprisingly delicious with a kinky twist.

King Almonds

Sweet almonds from California, coated in numerous thin layers of sugar for the perfect bite and a crispy experience.

Parisian Lenses

The classic dragée with a crispy sugar crust and a core of fondant with fresh peppermint oil.

Bridge Mix

The upper middle class' penchant for the card game Bridge forms the background of Bridge Mix – a bag that circles around dragées.

Anthon Berg Chocolate Treasures

Delicious liquorice core covered with chocolate and different taste.

Toms Delight Nødder
Toms Dronning Mandler
Toms Konge Mandler
Toms Pariser Linser
Toms Dronning Mandler med Lakrids
Chokolade Mint Karamel
Saltlakrids med Chokolade
Toms Bridge Blanding
Anthon Berg Chocolate Treasures
Chocolate Treasures
Chocolate Treasures Chili
Chocolate Treasures Salty
Chocolate Treasures Strong & Salty
Chocolate Treasures Mint & Raspberry
Chocolate Treasures Sweet & Salty

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