Do you crave chocolate in all forms? Rest assured. You are entering Denmark's largest chocolate universe that ranges from Galle & Jessen's thin slices for the sandwich to the creme-filled chocolate turtles from Toms.

Quality chocolate since 1924

Toms is one of the leading producers of chocolate in Northern Europe. Since 1924, we have supplied quality chocolate to the Danes.

Giant Turtle

The beloved creme-filled animal first appeared in 1967 and was an immediate success. Today, the turtle is one of Toms best selling products.

Anthon Berg Gold Box

In Denmark, the first chocolate gift boxes were made in the 1940's when the demand for mail order chocolate increased.

Toms Gold Caramel

The round caramel came about in 1956. The 60's hit 'Guantanamera' was changed by the Danes to ''Toms Karameller' and has become the unofficial anthem for the caramels.

Gold Bar

The Gold Bar saw the light of day in 1932, when the price of cocoa had skyrocketed. At Toms, it was said that it might as well have been made of solid gold.

Toms Festival

The chocolate-caramel mix was originally intended as a limited edition, but it was so popular that it quickly became a regular part of the product line.

Yankie Bar

Denmark's first chocolate bar was a special order from the Yankees stationed in Europe after the second World War

G&J Chocolate slices

Galle & Jessen launched their thin slice of chocolate in 1963 and it fits perfectly on a half-slice of rye bread as a final treat in the lunch box.

Toms Guld Barre Orange Knas
Toms Guld Barre Mørk
Toms Guld Barre Mælk
Toms Guld Barre Knas
Toms Guld Barre Hasselnød
Toms Yankie Bar
Toms Holly Bar
Toms Yankie Lakrids
Toms Yankie Mandel Bar
Galle & Jessen, Mælk
Galle & Jessen, Mørk
Toms Pålægschokolade, Mælk
Toms Pålægschokolade, Mørk
Toms Guld Barre, Mælk
Toms Guld Barre, Mørk
Toms Kæmpe Pålæg, Mælk
Toms Kæmpe Pålæg, Mørk
Toms EKSTRA 70%
Toms Guld Barre Mælk
Toms Guld Barre Mørk
Toms Guld Barre Knas
Toms Guld Barre Mint
Toms Guld Barre Skildpadde
Toms Guld Barre Mint Frøer
Toms Guld Barre Vanille Frøer
Toms Ekstra Appelsin
Toms Ekstra Mørk 70%
Toms Ekstra Mint og Karamel
Toms Ekstra Lakrids
Toms Ekstra 80 %
Toms Ekstra Knas
Anthon Berg Guld Æske
Anthon Berg Diplomat
Anthon Berg Signature Selection
Anthon Berg Favourites
Bogø Lilla æske
Toms Fyldte Chokolader
Toms Kæmpe Skildpadder
Toms Mini Skildpadder
Toms Kæmpe Frø
Toms Kattetunger
Toms Luxus Kringler, mørk
Toms Luxus Mælkekringler
Toms Orangebuer
Toms Orangegrene
Toms Mimoser
Toms Tvillingringe
Toms Åkander
Toms Orangestænger
Feodora Miniature Bars bitter
Feodora Grand'or Minature Bars
Dessert poser
Dessert poser
Anthon Berg Sweet Moments Mini Marzipan Bars
Anthon Berg Sweet Moments Fruit in Marzipan
Anthon Berg Sweet Moment Nougat in Marzipan/Orange in Marzipan
Anthon Berg Blomme i Madeira
Anthon Berg Jordbær i Champagne
Anthon Berg Blåbær i Vodka
Anthon Berg Hindbær i Orange likør
Anthon Berg Kirsebær i Rom
Anthon Berg Abrikos i Brandy
Chocolate Sticks
Chocolate Sticks
Anthon Berg Chocolate Stick Caramel Crisp
Anthon Berg Chocolate Stick Seasalt Almond
Anthon Berg Chocolate Stick Nougat

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