Toms products

Toms products


Do you crave chocolate in all forms? Rest assured. You are entering Denmark's largest chocolate universe that ranges from Galle & Jessen's thin slices for the sandwich to the creme-filled chocolate turtles from Toms.


Do you like sweet, strong or salty liquorice? Then you've come to the right place. Toms products include all of these varieties. From Ga-Jol pastilles, to crunchy Pingvin liquorice and Nellie Dellie's sugar free varieties.


Do you think jellies are just for children? Think again. Toms jellies range from the campy 'Spunk', to Pingvin 'Parisian Rings' and Nellie Dellie's sugar free varieties


Don't you know what dragées are? Have no fear, we do and we want to share it. See our large assortment of different dragées. Here's everything from Toms Bridge Mix, to easter eggs from Anthon Berg and A XOCO's sofisticated dragées.


Are you from Scandinavia - the heartland of marzipan? Then you are probably a big fan of the sweet almond-based delicacy. Our marzipan products are the basis of Anthon Berg's classic and new taste sensations.

Sweets without added sugar

Do you love candy but avoid sugar? Lean back and explore your possibilities to satisfy your cravings without added sugar with sweets, chocolate and marzipan from Ga-Jol and Nellie Dellies.

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