Sustainable cocoa

Sustainable cocoa

How we fight deforestation

Toms Group is signatory to the cross-industry initiative Cocoa Forest Initiative, CFI.

Fighting deforestation is an integrated part of our persistent engagement for a sustainable production of cocoa in Ghana.

To support a wider focus on this important aspect of sustainability, we are signatory of the Cocoa Forest Initiative, CFI.

We are proud to present our key results achieved during 2019:

For more info on these results and our initiatives connected to the CFI focus areas, please have a look in our latest CFI annual progress report:

(If you want to read our annual non-financial, sustainability reports for all areas of our work for sustainability and responsibility in the Toms Group please go to this page.)

Cocoa &Forests Initiative
At the November 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), top cocoa-producing countries Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana with Toms Group and leading chocolate and cocoa companies from around the world announced far-reaching Cocoa & Forests Initiative Frameworks for Action. Central to the Frameworks is a commitment to no further conversion of any forest land for cocoa production.

How we take words to action
In March 2019, another milestone was reached to strengthen transparency and accountability in the cocoa supply chain: the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and the thirty-three Cocoa & Forests Initiative companies released action plans that spell out concrete steps to end cocoa-related deforestation.

At Toms Group we have integrated our commitments as signatories of CFI in our Programme Plan for our Toms Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Programme. 

Elements of our Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Programme for 2019 is to:

  • Map all farms by end-2019 and ensure that no farms contribute to deforestation
  • Train 4,800 farmers in Climate Smart Agricultural Practices
  • Distribute 70,000 multipurpose trees for farm restoration
  • Distribute 165,550 cocoa seedlings
  • Establish 24 community-based nurseries
  • Promote farm diversification to 564 farmers
  • Develop traceability up to farm level

Our CFI Action Plans
Please have a look at the Summary of Company Action Plans for Ghana for a complete list of the many initiatives, which Toms Group and the other signatories of the CFI will take from 2019 to 2022 to end deforestation and fight for a environmentally and socially sustainable cocoa sector. 

And download the document below for more info on CFI and for a descibtion of the key elements in Toms Group Action Plan and how we incorporate our CFI commitments in our Toms Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Programme. 
For full summary table of Toms Group Action Plan please click here

Sustainable cocoa

We have for more than a decade worked persistently to get cocoa production on a sustainable footing. Our Danida Business Partnership projects from 2009-2012 and 2013-2016 has shown strong results proving that lasting results is indeed possible to achieve. Read below about these results and how we continue the fight for improved livelihood of cocoa farmers and improve sustainability of the cocoa sector for generations to come.

Our approach to the cooperation with the cocoa farmers is clear. We want to empower the farmers by assisting them today and support them with the knowledge needed to take the lead in the continued sustainable development of their own farms and their communities. By this approach our projects has a wider scope and are able to support a greater part of the Ghanaian farming communities – reaching our shared goal of sustainable efficient production.

Our latest results
Our latest project began in 2013 and ended in 2016. We strive to ensure a credible and valuable evaluation and learning base from the projects to be used in the next projects ensuring a constant adaption to changing needs and increased knowledge in the Ghanaian farming communities. The independent audit organization Agri Logic conducted the evaluation report of the 2013-2016 Danida Business Partnership project. The initiatives and results of this project is descibed here.

We continue
From 2017, we continued our efforts for sustainability in the cocoa production by expanding the cooperation that we in the last decade have had with the organization Source Trust - now known as Sustainability Management Service.

We do this with our programme called "Toms Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Programme". The programme works with the same farmer communittees as we have worked with for the last decade - and with the same financial contribution from Toms Group and Toms Foundation as in previous years.

Read more about Toms Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Programme.

What about the other parts of Toms' corporate responsibility?

On this page we have described how we work to live up to our responsibilities at one point along our value chain. Read here about our overall approach to our corporate responsibility and how we work for responsibility in other areas of our business as well.

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