Our Consumers

Part of our responsibility

We see it as part of our responsibility to be a proactive and responsible partner in our home market communities.

Sponsorships supporting a balanced lifestyle
We seek to support balanced and active lifestyles through sponsorships and partnerships. This is in line with the long history of Toms Group as an active commercial partner to a broad variety of sports.

In 1955 Toms signed the first commercial sponsorship agreement becoming an active partner within football.
This was the beginning of a vast array of partnerships between Toms and a long line of Danish athletes. For many years, we have sponsored sports through Toms Ligaen, women’s handball, The Gold Bar race, speedway, as well as sailing, equestrian sports, football and golf.

Olympic partner
In 2016, Toms made a comeback to the world of sports with a five-year partnership with DIF and Team Danmark as sponsor of the Danish Olympic athletes.
During 2018, we have used this sponsorship to help strengthen the awareness of different sports in cooperation with a number of Olympic athletes.

We take special responsibility towards future consumers by supporting them with the information and knowledge needed to make conscious and responsible choices.

We do this with a strong focus on our production chain, sustainability and a balanced lifestyle.

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What about the other parts of Toms' corporate responsibility?

On this page we have described how we work to live up to our responsibilities at one point along our value chain. Read here about our overall approach to our corporate responsibility and how we work for responsibility in other areas of our business as well.

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