Circular packaging

Circular packaging

First step: Recyclable packaging

Packaging plays important roles in ensuring that our products meet the highest quality and food safety standards. It helps preserve the freshness of our products, avoid food waste and provides consumers with helpful information. We need to maintain all these benefits while also finding a way to ensure that our packaging can be part of a circular economy.

Our objective is to produce the best chocolate and sweets products packed in the most efficient and appropriate packaging materials available while, at the same time, satisfying consumer requirements and meeting their expectations.

Towards 100% recyclable packaging
For years, we have been working towards a higher degree of circularity in our packaging solutions. The first official target set to guide us in this is to reach 100% recyclable packaging materials by 2025 at the latest.

During 2021, we managed to convert a significant part of our plastic packaging materials from being based on composite (mixed) materials with a low recycling value to be recyclable mono-material based. These efforts brought us to 92% recyclability. Plans for converting the remaining 8% of poorly recyclable composite materials are made, and we will continue to execute these plans in the coming years.

Beyond recyclability
The recyclability target is key in our efforts towards circularity, but our ambitions in this field are not met by reaching this target alone. We are working on other areas as well that will help us towards circular packing. The overall ambition and three goals on packaging are seen here:

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