Combat climate change

Combat climate change

How we work to combat the climate changes

The global climate crisis calls for immediate action from all players, and we will do our part. This is why combatting climate changes is one of the key pillars in our sustainability strategy.

We have for years been working on reducing CO2 emissions and reducing consumption of energy. Now, we have raised the ambition level and have set targets for how much we will reduce the CO2 emissions from our own production. Towards 2030, we will implement energy projects lowering the emissions from our own production by 2,000 tonnes. 

The energy we still use, must be CO2 neutral. We will therefore buy electricity through suppliers that produces renewable energy. Not only will we support the already existing renewable energy production - we will also invest in the production of additional renewable energy.

Smaller part of our energy consumption is from natural gas, that is not yet possible to buy co2 neutral. We will in the coming years investigate the solutions on this. Here you can see our overall ambition and our three climate targets:

More than our own production
The emissions that are directly linked to own production (called scope 1) and the emissions coming from the production of the energy we use (called scope 2) only cover a small part of our total emissions. To really do our part in combatting climate changes, we need to lower the emissions in the value chain as well (called scope 3). That can for instance be emissions from the production of raw materials, the transport in the value chain - or the impact from the waste, our products are generating.  

Based on latest climate science, we will in the coming year define where in the value chain we have the most impact - and where we must collaborate and invest to lower the emissions. We will then set targets for how much we will reduce these emissions - and ask climate scientists from the globally acknowledged Science Based Targets initiative to verify, that these targets are ambitious enough to do our part in combatting climate changes.  

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