Our Responsibility

What is our responsibility?

It is our firm belief that the ability to operate and develop our business sustainably, with respect to both people and our planet, plays a significant role in pursuing and ensuring our continued growth and success.

As the Danish market leader in the confectionery sector, we have 1,200 employees, 1,300 suppliers, and customers and consumers in more than 100 countries. We also work with 5,000 cocoa farmers. All of this calls for a determined approach to operating our business in a responsible manner.

We have a responsibility to all of them. Not only to continue developing our long history of proud craftsmanship, visionary enterprise and good quality. We also have a responsibility to constantly fight for responsble sourcing of cocoa and other raw materials; to ensure that the proper framework conditions  are in place to continue our responsible production of high quality products; and to support our consumers in making conscious and responsible choices.

On this page you'll find more information about how we work to fulfill this responsibility - at each of the three tracks in Our Responsibility Strategy:

Have a look here for more info on our three tracks: Our Sourcing, Our Operations and Our Consumers

Our Responsibility Strategy

In 2017, we developed our Toms Group Responsibility Strategy - a more holistic and business driven strategy build up along our value chain to support the continued responsible growth and development of Toms Group.

In 2017 we conducted a thorough stakeholder, risk and materiality assessment to help us identify and prioritise the issues that matter the most across our whole value chain. The assessment included comprehensive research, interviews and workshops with both internal and external stakeholders.

The result of this assessment guided us in prioritizing what must be the primary elements of our responsibility strategy now – and what must be part of our general attention going forward. Based on these results, we identified the three tracks in our Responsibility Strategy described below:

Find more info about how we work for responsibility at each track: Our Sourcing, Our Operations, Our Consumers

Our Annual Reports

In our annual non-financial report we describe our approach to responsibility and our achieved results.

See the latest reports here where you also find our policies which guide us in our continued efforts for responsibility in our value chain.

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