Tour and presentation for adults

Tour and presentation for adults

Tour and presentation for adults

Visit Toms' Chocolate factory and learn the art of tasting chocolate, learn about sustainable chocolate production and see the factory at night time.

Allow yourself to get swept away by the fantastic world of chocolate. You are, hereby, invited inside one of Northern Europe's largest chocolate factories. Through presentation and dialogue, you will get a glimpse of Toms as a company and our production, as well as brands. The evening will include a tour on the walkways of the factory to see the production facilities.

We are not just purveyors of good taste but also want to be it with a clean conscience. On the night, we will tell you how we attain it through sustainable production and acknowledging our social responsibilities to the farmers in Ghana that we buy our cocoa beans from.

Finally, you will delve into the art of tasting different kinds of chocolate and to recognise the notes in the chocolate, similar to what is known from wine tasting. We will focus on exciting variations of dark chocolate. With the small chocolate gift that we provide, you can continue the tasting at home.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Ballerup

17.00 - Welcome
A small treat consisting of chocolate, fruit and vegetables
17.15 - Presentation, film and dialogue
Facts on Toms, history and brands. How do we combine Denmark's largest chocolate production with a socially responsible profile? Introduction to the wonderful world of cocoa. Which factors are essential to good chocolate – and why?
18.15 - Chocolate enjoyment – Taste and knowledge goes hand in hand
What types of chocolate exist? How is the best experience achieved? What suits your taste buds? Does mindful consumption of chocolate increase the experience?
19.00 - A look at the production
We will use the walkway through parts of the production facility and look at the machines. During the tour, we will tell you about the products being produced right now. Please notice that the factory is not operating at peak hour production.
20.00 - Extra chocolate enjoyment and farewell.

We challenge your sense of taste with more chocolate treats and present you with a chocolate gift to take home.

Prices and prerequisites for visiting:

  • The price is 200 dkr per person incl. chocolate gift
  • The tour is only for persons over the age of 15 years
  • A maximum of four tickets per person can be booked
  • In exceptional cases, Toms retains the right to cancel the tour
  • Please note that the Toms facility does not have disabled access.

There will be a varied selection of samples but no selling of our products.

Consumer nights are being held again in the 2016 autumn. Dates for tickets will be available from Ticketmaster on this site in August.

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