School visits

School visits

School visits to Toms are a part of a lesson plan, where we spread awareness of chocolate production. The visit gives an insider's view on working in a Danish company and gives the opportunity to tackle themes, such as cultural differences, global education, health and corporate responsibility. You can adjust the lesson plan according to the level of the students and their previous education.

Course plans for 5th to 10th grade

If you are looking for inspiring modules for 5th to 10th grade, consider visiting Toms Chocolate factory.

School visits at Toms is part of a course. You get access to our training materials, when you book a reservation for a visit. The tour is carried out if the students have worked with all required parts of the material, and we receive the completed preparation table. There are good opportunities for interdisciplinary work (including Danish, science, social studies), and you should expect to devote at least 4 lessons to prepare for the visit.


The visit lasts 2 hours. Students will work in groups with different exercises that build on their knowledge from the preparation at the school. The exercises included among others cocoa and chocolate materials. The tour of the factory is done via walkways from which students can look down on the production. Open our teachers guide here (guide is in danish) if you want to know more before deciding if it is something for you.


Access to the booking can be found below. Please note that booking is a reservation of a time for a possible visit. Entrance tickets to the visit itself will then be forwarded only if we receive and approve your preparation schedule.

Before booking, you should be aware:
•    that we usually cater to students from fifth to tenth grade
•    that we require the accompanying teaching materials to be used by the class
•    that log-ins to the teaching material will be sent, when we register the booking
•    that all booking takes place through our booking module on this web site
•    that we do not make waiting lists and do not take bookings from mails or telephone

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