Purveyor of a large part of the Danish favourites from the Gold Bar to Giant Turtles and the Gold Caramel.

Anthon Berg

You can never be too generous'. Since 1884, we have developed an internationally acclaimed chocolate universe.


The first Ga-Jol liquorice pastille has been around since 1933 and today, Ga-Jol is the favoured liquorice pastille of the Danes.

Galle & Jessen

Galle & Jessen are renowned for the thin slices of chocolate that are stable of any Danish breakfast.

Nellie Dellies

Almost too good to be true. Sweetened with extracts from the stevia plant and full of fibres.


BonBon is known as the funniest candy in Denmark, where the Junk Yard, Sewer Waste and Rotting Fish are delicious sweets.


Chocolates with Character. In 1890, the chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez first began creating chocolates that were full of character in Bremen. Even today, the selected, superior cocoas, real Bourbon vanilla and the gentle manufacturing process still create the distinct taste of HACHEZ.


Princess Feodora of Schleswig-Holstein has named and signed this German quality brand of chocolate from 1910.

Our history

Our history goes back to 1924. It is the story of proud craftsmanship, diligence and foresight.

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