What is your favourite from Anthon Berg?

We have a large selection of delicious chocolates, so you can always find a piece of chocolate from Anthon Berg when you are in a generous mood. No matter the occasion or the season. Have a look around the chocolate bowl. Perhaps you will find something you have not tasted yet?

Chocolate Liqueurs

Buy a round out of the ordinary. The assortment comprises a range of famous original liqueur brands from all around the world and comes in many different packaging sizes. You can also find the chocolate liqueur bottles as part of our luxury Gold box. Among other classic and new pralines from the Anthon Berg assortment.

Fruit in Marzipan

Exquisite fruit marmalade with marzipan and the finest of liqueurs. Such as the classic Plum in Madeira. New flavours such as blueberry in vodka are inspired by the Nordic superfruit trend. Everything is covered in delicious dark chocolate. Goes perfectly well with the coffee, as dessert or as a gift for someone who has been extra sweet.


They may be small in size, but they leave a lasting impression. A well-known range of ’Travellers Exclusive’ chocolate coated miniatures. In case you are feeling generous, these chocolates are ideal for informal gifting, sharing and self-indulgence.

Gift boxes

Sometimes it pays off to be square. Especially if you are craving for a bit of everything. The gift boxes from Anthon Berg are the definition of generosity. Every box is filled with premium taste sensations in the shape of delicious pralines with fillings such as marzipan, nougat, soft caramel and coconut.

Even more ways to be generous

In addition to the chocolates on this page you can also choose between other delicious taste sensations from Anthon Berg. We are continuously launching new varieties and during Christmas and Easter we are being even more generous with selected products for the festive season.

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