Are the drinks on you?

Birthday? Wedding day? Friday? These chocolate bottles make any occasion a little more festive. Filled with some of the world’s most prestigious spirit brands that are combined with delicious dark chocolate. Share a round with friends after dinner (Alcohol content min. 2.5% max. 5% w/w).


Borghetti Caffe Espresso Liqueur is made with real Italian espresso coffee. Covered in premium dark chocolate. Enjoy the delicate taste of Italy.


Canadian Club

Chocolate with smooth Canadian Club Whisky. Serve it to guests who prefer their chocolate to have a little bite. The combination of dark chocolate and whisky is memorable.



Legend has it that the recipe for the whisky-based liqueur Drambuie was handed over by a prince in the 1740’s. Feel free to hand over these bottles to non-noble guests too.



The rich flavours of the Italian Galliano liqueur go hand in hand with premium dark chocolate. The perfect choice for sophisticated guests with a sweet tooth.


Rémy Martin

The exclusive French cognac age for years in oak barrels. Our guess is that the chocolate liqueurs will spend considerably less time on your dinner table.



The Camus family has been producing fine cognac for five generations. Pouring it into dark chocolate bottles only makes it more special.



Looking for a something new to serve with the coffee? Try this variety that combines orange-flavoured liqueur with the taste of premium dark chocolate.


Cutty Sark

Scotch whisky. Danish chocolate. A chocolate liqueur that combines the best of two worlds.



Take your guests on a quick trip to Mexico with this delicious combination of dark chocolate and fine tequila.


Grand Marnier

The classic, orange-flavoured Grand Marnier has been awarded multiple times. This variety is equally rewarding and unique. A petite bite of France.



The Sobieski brand is named after a 17th-century Polish king and military leader. Remember to serve more than one of these in order to avoid war around the dinner table.


Jim Beam

The sharp and sweet taste of American bourbon goes hand in hand with dark chocolate. One for the cowboys and cowgirls.


Danzka Citrus

Two great Danish inventions join forces. Smooth and mellow vodka with a hint of citrus fruits served in dark chocolate.


Danzka Currant

A subtle berry flavoured vodka, infused with a touch of blackcurrant served in dark chocolate. Skål, as we say in Denmark.


Danzka Cranraz

A generous chocolate liqueur that combines cranberries, raspberries, fine vodka and premium dark chocolate. Anthon Berg would be proud – and probably ask for one.


The Famous Grouse

Blended Scotch whisky served in dark chocolate. A dessert or coffee companion that toughens you up a bit. In a sweet way, of course


Mount Gay





Shaken or stirred? Or covered in fine chocolate? How do you take yours? Anthon Berg Chocolate Cocktails are dark chocolates filled with liquid cocktail fillings. Perfect for your next dinner party – and there are no glasses to clean.

Coffee Liqueurs

Make the next cup of coffee you serve that little bit extra. Anthon Berg Coffee Liqueurs are the perfect combination of chocolate, liqueurs and coffee. Choose between four popular coffee drinks and take you taste buds for a journey around the world.