The story of Anthon Berg

We offered the first piece of chocolate way back in 1884. Since then we have done our very best to make life sweeter for those who enjoy life – and chocolate – in Denmark and the rest of the world. Here is the story of Anthon Berg.

From Anthon to Gustav (1901)

Anthon Berg is getting older, and in 1901 his son Gustav inherits the family business. He promises to continue to put quality first – a promise we still honour today. And even though we are able to produce more chocolate than Anthon Berg was, you can still taste his dedication and generosity in every mouthful.

A local delicacy becomes national (1910s to 1930s)

Under Gustav Berg’s leadership production is increased. The company provides chocolates to retailers all over Denmark, and a factory with around 200 employees opens in Copenhagen. In 1938 Gustav passes away and leaves the position as chief executive to Kai Berg.

A toast in chocolate (1922)

Liquor covered in sugar is already a big hit abroad, and in 1922 Anthon Berg’s take on it is introduced. The chocolate version quickly becomes popular and within a couple of years there are 12 varieties to choose from. In 1972 we patent a machine that can fill up small bottles of dark chocolate with liquor. This really accelerates the process and up to 100,000 bottles are produced every day.

The Gold box is born (1940s)

Denmark’s first gift box with chocolates is introduced in the 1940s as the demand for mail order chocolate starts to grow. Today, the Gold box is a classic and among the biggest sellers on the Danish confectionary market.

Royal quality (1958)

Through the years the great taste of quality chocolate has gained a loyal following, also in higher circles. In 1957 Anthon Berg is awarded Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. This title requires a record of being a supplier to the Court over a number of years. So members of the Danish Royal family have been enjoying a good deal of chocolate.

Growing pains and new surroundings (1962)

In 1954 Danish confectionary company Toms purchases Anthon Berg. At this point the company is located in Copenhagen, but in 1962 the whole production relocates to Toms’ headquarters in Ballerup, which is designed by well-known Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.

A bite of plum? (1960s)

Plum in Madeira is a frequent guest on charter planes in the 1970s and 1980s. The combination of fruit, liqueur and marzipan is launched in the 1960s as the dessert wine Madeira and the holiday island of the same name become popular among the Danes. Of course, we follow the trend – and the chocolate is just as delicious today as it was back then.

A Danish advertising classic (1994)

In 1994 someone eats Anthon Berg’s advertising spot – “but we have found the wrapping”, as the ad reveals. Through the years the ad becomes just as iconic as the marzipan bar itself, and since then thousands of pink marzipan bars on a black background have appeared on TV and in cinemas.

Pay with generosity (2012)

You can never be too generous. To prove this Anthon Berg opens the world’s first chocolate store where you can only pay with generosity. By promising a generous deed via Facebook you are rewarded with Anthon Berg chocolate. Proof that you can never be too generous – and the same advertising platform that we use today.

New Christmas classics (2017)

Christmas is about opening our hearts, but also opening something sweet. Anthon Berg launches a range of new Christmas products that taste like Christmas was meant to taste, but in a new way. And the packaging helps raise the Christmas spirit.