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We all want to live memorable lives. It is in our DNA. We want to create new memories for new generations daily. We speak today´s language, aiming to entertain, engage, and sometimes even astonish to break through the clutter, as we believe the extraordinary creates sweeter memories.

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It all started in the veggie department

Strange but true. Denmark's perhaps most famous chocolate adventure was started by a greengrocer. Luckily, a successful experiment with the sweet side meant that Anthon Berg switched from carrots to chocolate. As you know, the rest is history and you can read it here.

The sweet story

Memorability is in our DNA. We have the power to make lives filled with sweeter memories. With 140 years of experience in creating such memories, we empower you to transform daily monotony into cherished moments.

Marzipan bar from Anthon Berg

The marzipan bar from Anthon Berg is an iconic classic whether you enjoy it in the comfort of your couch or on the go. In case you have forgotten why, we encourage you to take a bite of the fine marzipan covered in dark chocolate.