Sustainable production

Sustainable production

Farmer training for a better yield

In association with Danish IBIS and our local Ghanaian partner, Armajaro, Toms has completed farmer training for more than 5000 farmers

Sustainable production implies farmer training, education to improve cocoa farming.
Amongst other things, we teach the following:
• Pruning cocoa trees
• fighting disease in the cocoa trees
• environmentally friendly use of fertilizer
• improved drying of cocoa beans

Besides this, we have created plant nurseries to replace older, lower-yielding trees with fresh new trees.

A GPS-tracking system has helped the cocoa farmers to optimise the crops on their farmed areas through in-depth knowledge of the conditions on every farmer's plot of land. Through sustainable production, not only can we improve the farmers' conditions, but also ensure a high quality in our products.

Improved cocoa beans

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