Improved cocoa beans

Improved cocoa beans

Focussing on quality with a new method

Toms has developed a revolution in making cocoa with the advent of a new fermentation process for the cocoa beans, the Tray 10 tray fermentation.

We always focus on quality at Toms. One of the most important steps in developing the taste potential of the finished chocolate is the fermentation of the newly harvested cocoa beans. They are fermented in the sweet pulp of the cocoa fruit.

At Toms, we have jointly developed a new method for developing a wider range of finer taste nuances in the chocolate by perfecting the fermentation process of cocoa beans.

Normally, the farmers ferment their cocoa beans in piles covered by banana leaves. The piles are regularly turned by hand for the 6-7 days that the fermentation process is under way. This method is a very laborious process for the farmers.

We are proud to have co-developed a new method of fermenting the beans in wooden trays. This has been done in cooperation with the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana and the University of Copenhagen's LIFE-institute.

Tray fermentation means that the beans are poured into wooden trays with bamboo lamellae in the bottom. The trays are stacked on top of each other. The trays are exactly 10 cm tall allowing air to circulate evenly through all of the cocoa beans. With this method, they are fermented uniformly and the result is perfect. We have named this process Tray 10 tray fermentation.

The difference in flavour is striking. By using Tray 10 tray fermentation, a wider range of flavours are developed in the final product. It lifts a chocolate made from common cocoa beans or Forastero beans to the level of noble cocoa beans, like Criollo or Trinitario. It is a quantum leap in chocolate production and we are proud to be the first in the world to introduce this new method. We use Tray 10 tray fermented chocolate in our Toms Ekstra products.

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