Children's rights and improved living standard

To ensure a high degree of professionalism in our work in Ghana and improve living conditions for the cocoa farmers, we are working with several development organisations on their projects.

Our cooperation with IBIS
IBIS, the development organisation, is great at improving living conditions in developing countries. In a joint effort with them, we are working towards eliminating child labour and making the children get an education. This requires information and better schools to make the children attend, instead of helping their families in cocoa farming. Ibis does this through educating the locals on child labour in their communities and training for the teachers, both with new techniques and materials for education. The goal is to provide all children with an education and to fight child labour in the area.
Our results are striking. Before we started, 59% of the district students passed 9th grade and their primary schooling. After this project, the number has increased to 89% of the students. Read more about IBIS

Our other business partners

Danida - the Danish development project, a subsidy of the Danish ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Through the years, Toms has teamed up with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' developmental work, Danida. As a company that sources our raw materials from developing countries we are supporting
developmental projects in Ghana, where we buy our cocoa beans, and other places.

Read more about Danida

Armajaro Ghana Ltd.
Toms' partner in Ghana that holds a state-license to buy cocoa from farmers. AGL buys the cocoa directly from the villages (no middleman involved) and handles the cocoa in a fully traceable manner until the cocoa is shipped to Europe.
Armajaro is also in charge of educating the farmers in the farmer training programme.
Armajaro is owned by ECOM  Read more about Armajaro

Source Trust
A not-for-profit organisation under ECOM with the purpose of improving the farmers' living conditions. Through Source Trust, Toms is working towards making cocoa sustainable with the farmers that Toms buys from directly and help their families and villages. Read more about Source Trust.

Responsibility policy

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