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Gerda & Victor B.Strands
Victor B. Strand bought Toms in the 40's and made the company blossom after WW II. The success was driven by popular sellers, such as the Gold Bar, chocolate turtles and Yankie Bar. In the mid-70's, he created a foundation with the purpose of owning and managing Toms.

History of the Foundation

Toms was established in 1924 by the two pharmacists, Hans Troyel and V.H. Meyer. The company's name is a conglomerate of their names Trojel and Meyer (the 's' was added later, to prevent the candy machines from saying 'empty' in Danish).

Victor B. Strand, the owner of Tørsleff & Co. bought Toms in 1924. In the years after the second World War, Toms grew under his supervision. Victor B. Strand launched the gold bar, the turtles and Yankie Bar. He bought Anthon Berg, Pingvin Lakrids and Galle & Jessen, making Toms a booming business.

In the mid-70's, Victor B. Strand realised that his son, Jørgen Strand did not possess the necessary qualities for running and developing Toms in the desired direction. Besides, his son's health was rather poor, as he suffered from diabetes.

Victor B. Strand felt obligated to his life's work and the many employees at Toms. He decided that the best way of securing the company was to to create a foundation with the purpose of maintaining a healthy economic development at Toms. The founding documents signed on Victor B. Strand's 76th birthday, December 12 1974. Victor B. Strand was the chairman of the foundation at the time of his death, September 16 1983.

The Board

Marianne Philip

LL.M from Copenhagen and Duke University. Partner in Kromann Reumert. Board positions: The Committee of Ethical Foundation Management (Chairperson), Committee of Ethical Corporate Management (Deputy Chairperson), Novo Nordisk Fund, Codan A/S, Codan Insurance A/S and others.

Villy Rasmussen

Vice Chairman
Blacksmith and BSc Eng. Formerly employed as: CEO of Dagrofa and Company Director of FDB (COOP) and Factory Manager of FDB and others. Board positions: Schur International Holding A/S (Chairman), Orifarm (Chairman), The Fund of October 1. 1959, Nic Christiansen Holding A/S and others.

Henrik Brandt

Board Member
Education: Msc (Econ.) and MBA from Stanford University, California. Employed as President and CEO of Royal Unibrew A/S Formerly employed as: Managing Director of KEVI, Fritz Hansen, House of Prince, Sofus Berendsen and Unomedical. Board positions: Uno Equity ApS (Chairman), Ferd Holding A/S, Norge, Hansa Borg.

Walther Paulsen

Board Member
Education: MSc (Econ.) Formerly employed as: CFO and later Vice Director of Carlsberg. Board positions: the Investment Fund of Danske Invest, Danske Invest Select, Profil Invest, ProCaptura, Arkil Holding A/S, Arkil A/S, The Obel Family Foundation and others.

Jørgen Dirksen

Board Member
HA (BSc) in Economics and Business Administration. Formerly: CEO of Rynkeby Foods A/S and CEO of Unicare, Nordic Market Director of Bluemøller, Sara Lee and Commercial Director of the Toms Group. Board positions: Team Rynkeby Fonden (Chairman), DI Fødevarer (Chairman), FOODDRINKEUROPE and others.

Hans-Jørgen Filtenborg

Employee Representative
Education: Mechanical Engineer from Copenhagen University College of Engineering. Employed as: Maintenance Manager since 1995. Board positions: Toms Group A/S Ferie- og Jubilæumsfond (Deputy Chairman).

Ole Henry Hansen

Employee Representative
Education: Technical Process Adviser. Employed as blacksmith since 1985. Board positions: Smedeklubben 379 (Secretary), Education Coordinator.

The grants of the foundation

"The foundation's grant policy is anchored in the charter, last updated December 4th 2014. The board of the foundation has laid out a policy that can be divided into the following components:

Grants with the direct purpose of securing and supporting the economic foundation of the Toms Group and associated companies.

Grants with the indirect purpose of securing and supporting the economic foundation of the Toms Group and associated companies.

Grants for services and social purposes that support the common good, which indirectly secure and support the economic foundation of the Toms Group and associated companies.

The grants of the foundation are decided upon at board meetings that are held, according to the charter, as often as deemed necessary. At the annual meeting, the financial framework for the next year is decided upon. The total amount of grants must adhere to the financial frame that is set by the board.

As a consequence of the foundation's purpose, grants are usually given according to requests from the Toms Group A/S."

Danida project: 500.000 DKK

Throughout the years, Toms has made several partnerships with the Danish Foreign Ministry's project Danida. Gerda & Victor B Strand's Foundation has contributed to this project.

World Cocoa Foundation: 145.000 DKK

The World Cocoa Foundation is working to implement sustainable cocoa production, support for the cocoa areas, education and research in cocoa. Gerda & Victor B Strand's foundation supports this work.

Annual Danish Fund Raiser against injustice: 145.000 DKK

Traditionally, Gerda & Victor B Strand's foundation has supported the annual Danish Fund Raiser. In 2016, the fund raiser was dedicated to fight injustice.

Business activities

Gerda & Victor B. Strand's Foundation owns the Toms Gruppen A/S and the associated companies and brands.

Purpose of the Foundation

Gerda & Victor B. Strand's Foundation's primary purpose is to secure and support the economic foundation of the companies associated with the Toms Group A/S. This is done to ensure that their future existence and development is built upon good commercial and economic understanding.

About ethical Foundation management

The foundation has already, due to the enactment of new legislation for foundations of January 1st 2014, adjusted statutes and rules of corporate procedure, to ensure the foundation lives up to current legislation. In conjunction with the annual report of 2014, the foundation has followed the new recommendations for ethical foundation management. A detailed breakdown of how the foundation has addressed these demands for ethical foundation management can be found at (in Danish).

Gerda & Victor B. Strand's Foundation is run by a board of eight members. Three of these are employee representatives from the Toms Group A/S. Board members of the foundation are appointed for a four year-period and cannot sit on the board for longer than the end of the year, in which the member turns 75. There has to be, a minimum of, five board meetings a year. Employee representatives are appointed for a period of 4 years.

Members of the board are paid a fee of DKK 150.000 a year. The Deputy Chairperson receives the one and a half times the base fee and the Chairperson receives three times the base fee. The Chairperson of the Toms Group A/S, who is also a member of the foundation board only receives half the base fee.

Contact us

Gerda & Victor B. Strands Foundation can be contacted through Toms Gruppen, Toms Allé 1, 2750 Ballerup.

Tlf: 44 89 10 00                  E-mail:

Alternatively through the foundations chairman, Marianne Philip, Sundkrogsgade 5, 2100 København Ø.

Tlf: 40 79 10 14                  E-mail:

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