Reports and policies

Reports and policies

Annual reports and policies

Our annual non-financial report describes Toms Group's approach to corporate responsibility and how we persistently work to ensure sustainability along the value chain. See the latest reports below and read our policies for the key areas of responsibility.

The non-financial report also represents Toms Group's Progress Report to the United Nations (COP Report), which we are annually publishing as a member of the Global Compact. Click on the reports below to download:

For older reports, click on the year of interest: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Financial annual reports
Go here for Toms Group annual financial reports.

Global cooperation for the rainforests in West Africa: Cocoa & Forests Initiative
The Toms Group is signatory to the cross-industry Cocoa Forest Initiative, CFI. CFI gathers the world’s leading cocoa and chocolate companies and the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana in the important fight to end deforestation and restore forest areas in the cocoa sector. For more info about CFI and our engagement in this important cooperation, please see here
All CFI members publish annual reports on the results achieved in this field. Please see the latest annual progress report for the Toms Group here:

Modern Slavery Act
We support the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its objective to eradicate forced labour and human trafficking. Our work on this is descibed in our Statement on Modern Slavery.

Toms Group policies

As a frame for our work to live up to our corporate responsibilities, we have developed a string of policies that are based on our obligations through the UN Global Compact. The policies guide us to continue to live up to the standards and expectations that we, our customers, our consumers and the goverment institutions set for us.  

Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability policy
Our Sustainability policy targets human relations and environmental issues in our value chain.

Human rights policy
We are committed to maintaining and developing a cultere based on respect for human rights. With that comes a responsibility to fight corruption; ensure the rights and safety of our employees; and ensure respect for human rights throughout our supply chain. We have described this approach in our policy on human rights.

Diversity policy
Diversity is a strength that can contribute positively to the company’s development, robustness and performance of established strategies and make Toms Group a better place to work. Read in our Policy for diversity and the underrepresented gender in Toms Group Management how we actively work to create an inclusive culture in which the individual employee’s differences are respected, utilised and valued. 

Supplier Code of Conduct
As the leading confectionery manufacture in Denmark with 2,500 suppliers we recognize that our businesses both directly and indirectly influence the livelihoods of many people around the world. We are committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal and responsible manner and to encouraging sustainable practices in all areas of our supply chain. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact and sets forth essential minimum requirements expected from all our suppliers.


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