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Contact us

Toms Group A/S
Toms Allé 1
DK-2750 Ballerup
VAT number
56 75 93 28
Telephone number
+45 4489 1000
Opening hours
monday-thursday: 8.00-16.00
Friday: 8.00-15.30

Good advice for contacting us:

Visits to Toms:
We offer 2 types of visits: school visits for fifth to tenth grade and private consumer nights.

Press statements:
Inquiries about press statements must be made with the contact form, or contact Toms Gruppen on: +45 44 89 10 70.
All other inquiries are kindly asked to use the contact form or call our main number: +45 44 89 10 00

We would appreciate hearing from you, if you experience that one of our products do not meet your expectations. In order to perform a thorough examination of your complaint, we need the following information: the bar code, production and expiry date and place of purchase. We would like to have a picture of the product and the flaw. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to save the original item (and any foreign objects) with the original packaging. After receiving your complaint, we will contact you by letter or email and inform you of any steps we take in treating your complaint.
Our processing times are normally up to 3 weeks. During holidays our responses can be delayed further.

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When we read applications, we notice the ones that are not a part of the pack. Here you can see what we expect from a good application.

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