Traceable cocoa

Traceability in cocoa means that we know exactly what village has farmed every single bag of cocoa.

Toms works closely with two cocoa districts in western Ghana. The districts Sefwi Wiaso and Bibiani are comprised of 96 villages, where 5000 families make a living growing chocolate. We buy all of our Forastero cocoa beans from these 5000 farmers.

We have chosen full traceability on our cocoa, because we want ourselves, our suppliers and the consumers to have a clean conscience. Traceability makes it possible to have a positive impact, making the farming a sustainable enterprise and fighting child labour.

Traceability also means that we can work with the farmers through local organisations to improve the yield of their crops and test new and improved methods for growing cocoa, resulting in a higher quality product.

Its a win-win situation, where both the farmers and Toms are reaping the benefits. We believe that mutual dependence is a more dignified mode of cooperation and makes the farmers equal partners with the us. On a daily basis, these farmers tend and care for the cocoa trees that produce the goods for our chocolate.

Sustainable production

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