Annual reports and policies

Annual reports and policies

Our approach and results

In our annual non-financial report Responsibility we describe our approach to and achieved results from our work with responsibility and sustainability. See the latest reports below and read our policies that guide us in our continued efforts for sustainability in our value chain.

In the reports below you can read about our approach and performance within each of the four areas of the UN Global Compact: human rights, labor rights, climate and environment and anti-corruption.
The report represents our Progress Report to the United Nations, which we annually publish as members of the Global Compact.
See the latest Responsibility reports here:

Toms policies
As a frame for our CSR-work, we have developed a string of policies that are based on our obligations through the UN Global Compact. The policies guide us to continue to live up to the standards and expectations that we, our customers, our consumers and the goverment institutions set for us.  

Corporate Social Responsibility /CSR-policy
Our CSR-policy targets the supply chain of raw materials, our employees' conditions in Denmark, the environment and climate, as well as consumer health.

Human Rights Policy
We are committed to maintaining and developing a cultere based on respect for human rights. With that comes a responsibility to fight corruption; ensure the rights and safety of our employees; and ensure respect for human rights throughout our supply chain. We have described this approach in our policy on human rights.

Diversity policy
In 2007, we developed a Diversity policy which descibe the focus on respect and values that we find necessary for a diverse workplace.

Supplier Code of Conduct
As a consequence of our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct based on the ten principles of the Global Compact. This code is a tool for communication with our suppliers and the regulations we impose on them with regards to quality, environmental impact and workers' rights.

Modern Slavery Act
We support the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its objective to eradicate forced labour and human trafficking. Our work on this is descibed in our Statement on Modern Slavery.

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